An environment that provides opportunities for Canadian agriculture to achieve its potential.


Pursuing a policy environment that maximizes global competitiveness of Canadian farmers.


To influence federal policy on behalf of independent grain farmers and their associations.

What We Stand For

The Grain Growers of Canada is devoted to representing grain farmers’ interests in national policy development. At the heart of the Grain Growers’ philosophy is the idea that Canadian grain farmers are efficient, competitive and want to make their living from the marketplace. We see a bright future for Canadian agriculture and will work towards an environment that encourages research into seed, value-added processing and the bio-products field.

Our policies are forward-looking and market-driven:

  • We support increased research in seeds and traits and decisions based on sound science;
  • Rules-based trade liberalization that capitalizes on Canada’s competitive advantage in producing grains and oilseeds;
  • An efficient transportation system; and
  • A regulatory environment that encourages innovation.

Grain Growers of Canada is unique in its approach to government:

  • At the Grain Growers we believe the Government does not owe farmers a living, but it does owe us a policy environment that will allow us to make a living.
  • We feel that Government’s role in the agricultural sector is to open markets, and help streamline red tape and regulations so producers can do what they do best – farm.
  • The Grain Growers represents Canadian farmers’ interests on the international level to ensure the best possible market access for our products.

Value Chain Approach:

  • It is in producers’ interests to work closely with all members of the agricultural value chain; seed developers, chemical and fertilizer companies, machinery manufacturers, grain handlers, exporters, food processors and retailers.
  • We all gain from focusing on growing the pie bigger, rather than fighting over the pieces.


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