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March 2, 2020

Jeff Nielsen

Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau re: Rail Blockades

On February 29, 2020 Grain Growers of Canada sent the following letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the ongoing rail blockades which are resulting in disastrous slowdowns in the movement of grain. Following the 2019 Harvest From Hell the further impacts of the carbon tax, farmers are not able to weather any further disruptions to their income and competitiveness. PDF ------------- Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Over the last three weeks, illegal railroad blockades have caused serious economic hardship for our nation. In ...

November 11, 2019

Erin K. Gowriluk

GGC Op-Ed – Farm group vows to work with government

Originally published in the Western Producer, November 7, 2019 I am a western Canadian. I was born in Winnipeg, and have lived in Alberta for more than 20 years. I now live and work in Ottawa — and right now, it is a complicated place to be. In the aftermath of the Oct. 21 federal election, the Conservatives hold every riding in Alberta and Saskatchewan — except one. While this certainly sends a strong message to Ottawa, it also has western Canadian farmers rightfully feeling at ...

October 11, 2018

Jeff Nielsen

Open letter to Minister Lawrence MacAulay re: Harvest 2018

Dear Minister MacAulay, As you are no doubt aware, this fall is proving to be a challenging one for grain farmers across Canada. From coast to coast farmers continue to face adverse weather that is having a significant impact on their ability to make progress with harvest. It is becoming increasingly clear that in some regions, harvest will not be able to be completed this fall. For farmers that will have to cope with grain left in the field, the ...



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