March 16, 2018

GGC Statement on railway grain movement plans

OTTAWA (March 16, 2018) – “While western grain farmers are pleased to see that the government and railways have recognized the negative impact that poor rail service is having on farmers, it shouldn’t take a crisis on the Prairies to get grain moving. The grain value chain has been living with plummeting performance for months and any improvements in rail service will unfortunately come at a time when spring road bans and planting will limit the amount of grain farmers can move. Unfortunately, this may all be too little too late.

“This year’s repeat of the 2013/2014 rail crisis is another example of the fact that we need to see Bill C-49 amended and passed as soon as possible. While it may be too late to see significant improvement this year, Parliament has an opportunity to give shippers the tools they need to prevent this situation from happening again. CN and CP have demonstrated time and again that they will not act on their own and that is why shippers need tools to hold them to account. Without these legislative tools, we know this will happen again, and it shouldn’t take a farm crisis to get grain moving.”

– Jeff Nielsen, President


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