June 24, 2013

Grain Growers of Canada pleased with progress of Provincial Wheat and Barley Commissions

OTTAWA, June 24, 2013 – The Grain Growers of Canada is pleased to see the announcement of the Saskatchewan Wheat and Barley Commissions.

“We are pleased to see growers at the grassroots level taking on leadership roles in getting producer controlled commissions up and running for the former CWB crops,” says Richard Phillips, Executive Director of the Grain Growers of Canada. “Farmers have seen the benefits of being part of a value chain organization like the Canola Council or Pulse Canada, and want to see those same benefits apply to wheat and through provincial commissions and national councils.”

Last week, the Saskatchewan government announced the formation of their provincial wheat commission and barley commission. Alberta already has their wheat and barley commissions and Manitoba is close to finalizing theirs.

“These grower commissions are important as they will cooperatively be working with key industry players like the grain companies, CWB, millers, bakers, pasta manufacturing, food processors, biofuels, bio-products, malting and feed industries to grow the value of our crops,” says Phillips. “Growers paying these check-offs will be glad to know that their commissions will also be on the front line of setting research priorities and leveraging both public and private funds to improve farm gate revenues.”

It is important for Canadian farmers that all of the commissions are operating effectively and part of their national councils (Barley Council of Canada and the proposed Cereals Council of Canada) because time and resources are also needed on market development, market maintenance and market promotion to ensure Canada’s reputation as a supplier of quality grain continues going forward.

The Grain Growers of Canada is an umbrella organization with 14 provincial and regional grower groups from across the country involved in the grain, pulse and oilseed sectors. Representing tens of thousands of successful wheat, durum, barley, canola, oat, corn, pea, lentil, rye and triticale farmers, the Grain Growers is well known as the national voice of Canadian grain farmers.


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