May 28, 2018

Statement: Grain Growers of Canada comment on potential CP Rail work stoppage

“Grain farmers across Western Canada are concerned that we are once again facing a potential work stoppage at CP Rail. As grain farmers continue to recover from the winter’s grain backlog, it is essential that shipping stays on track and we are calling on CP rail and the unions to stay at the table and negotiate in good faith to prevent a service disruption.

“Grain farmers are asking CP management and its unions to exhaust all avenues to reach a deal before resorting to a work stoppage. The biggest losers during a stoppage are customers, including middle class farm families, that are dependent on railways.

“Last week’s passage of Bill C-49 was good news for the long term success of grain farmers but a work stoppage would have an immediate negative impact on farmers. Given the potential urgency of the situation, Grain Growers of Canada has written to Prime Minister Trudeau requesting that his government intervene with legislation to keep grain moving if service is disrupted.”

– Jeff Nielsen, President, Grain Growers of Canada

(Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau)

Media Contact:
Lindsey Ehman
Manager, Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Grain Growers of Canada
(o): 613-233-9954 ext. 202
(c): 613-222-2726


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