November 3, 2016

Transportation 2030 plan paves way for a level playing field for grain shippers

OTTAWA, November 3, 2016 – The Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) is pleased that Minister Marc Garneau’s long-awaited announcement on Canada’s national transportation strategy includes measures that address and respond to key recommendations made by the grain sector.

Throughout the consultation process, Canada’s grain farmers and other players in the grain supply chain have stressed the urgent need for measures that will create a level playing field between the railways and shippers. The inclusion of reciprocal penalties, a clear definition for “adequate and suitable service”, and extended interswitching in the Transportation 2030 plan demonstrates that the government recognizes the importance of agriculture and rail shippers in our country’s economy.

“Canada’s grain farmers rely on efficient and competitive rail service to deliver products to markets all around the world”, says GGC Vice President, Jeff Nielsen. “I urge the Minister to ensure that the required legislation is passed and in place for the 2017-2018 crop year.”

GGC members are also very pleased to see the government’s investment of $10.1 billion in trade corridor infrastructure. Canadian grain growers export 70 per cent of their wheat, 75 per cent of their pulse production and 90 per cent of their canola. By investing in long term infrastructure improvements Minister Garneau is sending a clear message that Canada’s trade routes will be open for business far into the future.

“The timely introduction of legislation is particularly crucial with the recent signing of the historic CETA deal which has created a larger market for our grain”, continued Mr. Nielsen. “I look forward to working with both Minister Garneau and Minister Lawrence MacAulay as they work to implement these much needed enhancements to Canada’s transportation framework.”

The Grain Growers of Canada provides a strong national voice for over 50,000 active and successful grain, oilseed and pulse producers through its 12 provincial and regional grower groups. Our mission and mandate are to pursue a policy environment that maximizes global competitiveness and to influence federal policy on behalf of independent Canadian grain farmers and their associations.


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