November 3, 2017

Statement: Grain Growers of Canada encourage Canada to take leadership role on TPP-11

“Like most of the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector, grain farmers are reliant on export markets for the continued success and growth of our industry. Grain Growers of Canada strongly encourages the Government of Canada to play a leadership role in the upcoming negotiations for what is now The Trans-Pacific Partnership-11 (TPP-11). The nations involved in this potential trading bloc represent some of our most lucrative and fastest growing markets for grains, pulses, and oilseeds.

Several of Canada’s trade competitors already have agreements in place with key nations such as Japan, and it is crucial that Canada seize this opportunity to gain competitive access and open up new export opportunities. Grain farmers seek a level playing field and rules-based terms when engaging with trading partners. The tariff reductions that have already been negotiated with TPP nations would significantly expand export prospects for Canadian grain farmers. Markets in the TPP represent significant growth potential with expanding populations and importers that recognize and value our high-quality grain and products from Canada.

Following the successful negotiation of the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with Europe, Canada is well-positioned to be a leader in progressive multi-lateral negotiations. Next week’s APEC leaders’ summit in Vietnam offers a window and unique point in time to build on the momentum created by Japan and make TPP a reality. Grain farmers are relying on our government to seize this opportunity and ensure timely agreement and ratification of a trade partnership with the current eleven nations of the TPP.

– Jeff Nilsen, President, Grain Growers of Canada

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